If you cannot find your name in the current list please check the previous day list.
If you cannot find your name in any of the list please contact the passport section by phone during working hours or by email any time. Your application could be on hold.
WORKING HOURS: 09:00am to 02:00pm (New York time)
Important note: Application processing time is 3 – 5 working days after you submit/send a complete application.
If you submit incomplete application, it will be on hold. Your application will be processed after you submit/send all required documents.
If you have been contacted by passport section for missing documents you can send it by mail or email
Note: if you are sending any missing document by email, it must be a scanned copy (NOT A PICTURE)
If you are sending the missing document by mail or email make sure you attach a note mentioning your Surname, Given Name and Date of Birth, this note will help the passport staff to locate your application and process it on time if you send documents without note and the document does not have your Surname, Given Name and Date of Birth, passport staff may not know who the document belongs to. If you are sending on behalf of other application make sure you have the applicant info on it.
For more information about required document for passport application please visit the passport page
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