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Marriage Certificate

Welcome to the legal information page. On this page you will find information about attestation of
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Base on Afghan Civil Laws, an essential pillar of marriage is bilateral or mutual acceptance between
both the bride and the groom. At the time of matrimony, presence of two witnesses is mandatory;
however, at the time of matrimony, matrimony can be done by the groom and bride’s attorneys. 

- Dowry: is a possession that is to be given to the bride by the groom at the time of matrimony.
Dowry is paid based on time and is categorized in two forms; accelerated dowry and delayed dowry.

- Accelerated Dowry:  money or possession given by the groom to the bride at the time of

- Delayed Dowry: possession granted to the bride at the time of matrimony, and the bride is legally
allowed to ask her husband for the granted possession whenever she desires to.

Marriage qualifications are met once male has reached the age of 18 and a female has reached the
age of 16. Matrimony is not permissible for a minor who’s 15 years old. A Muslim woman is not
allowed to marry a Non-Muslim man. However, a Muslim man may marry a Non-Muslim woman as
along as she’s from the people of the book. In this case, child’s religion is considered

Barriers to marriage are as follow;

1- Not completing the legal age of marriage (being a minor)
2- Non-Muslim man marrying a Muslim woman
3- Existence of permanent or temporary prohibition between couples.

Based on the article 85th of the civil law of Afghanistan, marriage is temporarily illegal with the
following people:

1- Matrimony, with two women at the same time, comes to being upon the death of either one.
2- Divorced till getting married with another person.
3- If a woman is in her return period after being divorced.
4- An outcast woman till she disapproves her husband
5- A woman who’s not from the people of the book
6- Matrimony of a Non-Muslim man with a Muslim woman till the man converts to Islam.

Marriage Certificate

Is an official document in which matrimony between couples, witnesses’ identities and amount of
dowry are written.

Marriage contract expresses an explicit and continued offer and acceptance without restriction of time
in the same place. Marriage, in case of suspension without a clear reason, or delaying it for future is
not contracting. A marriage is considered void if any condition, not in accordance to the marriage laws,
is placed to it. In matrimony substitute of woman for woman is not permissible and for each of the
women dowry becomes obligatory.

For matrimony to be acceptable, the following conditions have to be met:

- Offer and acceptance by couples, their parents or their attorneys
- Presence of two witnesses possessing their legal capacity
- Lack of permanent or temporary prohibition (relation) between couples
- If a woman (contractor), without the permission of her parents, gets married, marriage contract
becomes penetrating and necessary.

Conditions to making a Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate is issued according to a sample from the Supreme Court:

- Insertion of couples ‘full identity, witnesses, and quantity of dowry both accelerated and delayed
- Presence of couples is necessary at the consulate or embassy at the time of making the marriage
certificate. Making a marriage certificate requires a valid afghan ID (Taskera/Afghan passport), and
knowledge of the two sides being single.
- Parties’ age consolidation and lack of any legal barrier to marriage is necessary.
- Presence of witnesses and insertion of their full identity.
- All explanation in a marriage certificate should be in accordance to the Supreme Court of

To ease problems of Afghans, those Afghans who got married and don’t have marriage certificate and
still hold to their marriage contract, Afghan embassies and consulates are authorized to issue a
marriage certificate after taking the following steps into consideration:

- Submission of a written request by one of the couples for obtaining a marriage certificate.
- Presence of the couples at the time of making the marriage certificate is mandatory.
- Presence of three confessors at the time of making the marriage certificate is mandatory.
- Presence of two witnesses at the time of making the marriage certificate is mandatory.

Marriage Certificate’s template

Marriage certificate is made in accordance to a sample sent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs once
the following steps are taken:

- Insertion of confessors’ full identity with their pictures and fingerprints at the confessors’ column.
- Insertion of couples’ full identity with their pictures and fingerprints at the designated column.
- Insertion of witnesses’ full identity with their pictures and fingerprints at the witnesses’ column.
- The explanation column should be written as follows: confessors, whose full identities have been
written in this marriage certificate, were presented at this consulate on the following date
(__/___/___), and possessing their legal capacities, without force and reluctance, confess as such:
that we the confessors, possessing our legal capacity, confess that Mr. (_____) son of (_____) and
Ms. (_____) daughter of (_____) are husband and spouse, and we are true to our confession. In case
of contrary, we the confessors bear the burden. Two witnesses, wise and mature, affirm that the
confessors’ identity is authentic. In case of contrary, we the witnesses bear the burden. (appendix
number 5)

Note: in case of having children, their names and number should be written in the explanation column.