Internships at the Consulate General of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New York - United States of America are unpaid positions providing students with practical experience in the areas of research, administration and general management. The Consulate General can offer internships to students as volunteers or for academic credit. The Consulate General employ interns during their school years and also in the summer. Students can earn work experience by participating in an internship.
Participating interns at the Consulate General as a gain on-the-job training integrates education, career development and public service, while we are hosting interns benefit from the contributions of creative and innovative students.
Benefits to Students:
Career related experience
Gains practical knowledge in international relations
Opportunity to explore career avenues
Valuable work experience for their resumes
Potential to earn academic credit
Increased self-confidence
Enhances conventional classroom learning methods
Letter of recommendation from the Consulate
The program is open for four internees at the same time to all students who are exploring the possibility of internship at our Consulate General.
How to Apply?
Students can reach us phone +1 212 972 2276